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Invisible Dog Fence

The highest quality and least visible dog fence material paired with the least visible components to create an effectively invisible dog fence.

Not all dog fence materials are created equal. We've spent many years professionally installing dog fences and have selected quality materials to offer you for self installation. These are the same fence materials that we install professionally for our own customers. We are the largest fence installation company of these type of specialty fence materials and have been installing for customers since they hit the market.

Our dog fence kits are designed to be installed by contractors and homeowners. Put together by standard tools, we believe we offer the highest quality, most effective and least visible fence materials of this type. Our posts, hardware, gates and other components are all black - something you won't find anywhere else.

There are different grades of dog fencing material and accessories depending on your application. This includes all metal deer fencing. Please be sure to do your research in selecting what you need for your project. There are many catalog companies and online resellers now online selling what appear to be the same products; buyer beware, they are not the same.

Rounded Strand Invisible Dog Fence Comparison

Here are some specific differences between our poly fencing and most everything else on the market:

Most poly dog fence material on the market is a Flat strand polypropylene fence mesh and is often marketed with a "reinforced bottom". Our poly fencing is a different Rounded strand or semi round strand polypropylene fence material.

Both have unique characteristics:

Flat strand polypropylene dog fence material (above with 3 strand bottom) is a common type of poly fencing on the market. It's less expensive to produce and the squares are even. The bottom often has 3 additional strands like the photo above.

Rounded strand or semi round polypropylene fence material is the only material we use. We install this type of fence material for our customers and bring it to market under three different breaking strengths: Critterfence 700, Critterfence 800 and Critterfence 1100 poly fence mesh.

The reason we use rounded strand for our Critterfence Brand fence material is because:

1) It has a higher breaking strength per square foot - Without question, if you take two pieces of the same weight polypropylene material the rounded strand will have a higher breaking strength per tensile strand and also per square foot. Our fence material is ASTM independently lab tested annually with the results published on our website.

2) It's less visible - To have an effective dog fence or a fence that will blend in well with your landscape, you need the least visible material you can get that will do the job. This is where the term invisible dog fence comes from. The beauty of this type of material is it will disappear from a short distance away (as little as 15 feet away). This is especially important for those customers trying to preserve a nice view from their back yard or don't like the look of a tall barrier fence. This material is truly an invisible dog fence from a few feet away. Flat strand fencing is much more visible by comparison, especially in the higher breaking strengths.

3) It lasts longer in sunlight - The enemy of any plastic product is direct sunlight. As time takes a toll on your fence, sunlight will break down the material and turn the black glossy material more of a matte color then finally turn it grey. It will become brittle then finally break when something hits it. Rounded strand fencing by design doesn't have any flat thin edges and has tensile strength in a complete circle. This enables our round strand dog fence to last longer outdoors than other poly fencing on the market.

4) It stretches less - Rounded strand poly fence material has flexibility, but does not stretch as much as flat strand fencing. If a poly fence material has too much flexibility it looses structure then needs to be supported. An extreme example would be a soccer net type material that doesn't stand up on it's own. Comparable rounded strand fencing has more structure than flat strand fence material. Our Critterfence Brand fence material has structure and stands up on it's own when you unroll it.

5) It has a finished edge - Most of our Critterfence brand poly fence material has one finished edge. This clean, finished edge is the top of the fence and the other end is the bottom. The top precision cut for a clean look. Most flat strand fence material has two unfinished edges. Unfinished edges aren't as pet friendly.

Critterfence 800 rounded strand poly fence mesh from a few feet away

Here are different photos of Critterfence 800 from various distances:

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Critterfence 750 Reinforced Bottom:

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Why do I Need An Invisible Dog Fence?

If your goal is to keep out deer and other animals, if you have a fence that's too visible it either 1) won't work or 2)

you will get animals trapped in your fence. If a fence is too visible, deer can

judge the deer fence height and will try and jump it. In addition, if you have

fencing with opening sizes larger than 2 inches there's a chance deer will get

stuck in your fence and get hurt. See:

deer trapped in fence

We specialize in high strength,

nearly invisible deer fences with small opening sizes for these reasons.

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