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Here, you'll find complete kits, tools and components to tension your dog fence with a cable.

Tensioning your dog fence will increase the strength of your fence and give it more structure. Tension cable also helps protect against falling tree branches and sagging due to winter weather or dogs pulling down on a fence.

Tension Cable Kits

These dog fence tensioning cable kits include everything you need to install new cable on a new fence or retrofit an existing fence with tension cable.

Standard kits include collars that slide over the posts. Retrofit post cable collars slide in from the side so you don't need to remove fencing from the posts first.

Kits contain: collars, enough cable for two positions (usually top and bottom or top and middle - your choice) and tensioning connectors.

Not included is a tensioning tool (available separately) which is suggested for 8ga cable kits or large 12ga steel cable fences. Also suggested is a hogringer hand tool with hogrings. Hogrings make circles of galvanized or stainless steel that connect tension cable to dog fencing mesh. We supply a hogringer 9/16 commercial grade tool with hogrings (available separately) or a hogringer 11/16 that comes with 1000 hogrings to start. Both hogringer tools self feed the hogrings; Pull the handle and it advances the rings and makes the ring.

Use 8ga monofilament for any fence fully or partially supported by trees; 12ga black braided steel for all other fences

Dog Fence Tension Cable

We supply two different types of cable:

  • 12ga black vinyl coated braided steel cable 1200lb breaking strength
  • 8ga black solid stretch monofilament cable 1200lb breaking strength (8ga is thicker than 12ga)

Both are the same strength but each is used for different reasons. Steel cable is almost always used unless you're supporting some or all of your fence on trees, then you will use the monofilament cable. Monofilament stretches and can move when your trees move in wind or grow over time.

Components, Tools & Hardware

Individual traditional tensioning hardware along with components parts and tools

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