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Dog Fence Photos

Photos of installed dog fences

Nice 5ft Dog Fence, Critterfence 1100 poly fence mesh

by | Thursday, July 16, 2015 |

5ft Dog fence using Critterfence 1100 poly fencing. This fence also has overlapped fencing on the ground, which is pinned to the ground using ground stakes. This prevents dogs from pushing up under the fence to get out. This is also a good example of how invisible the fencing is from a distance....

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Custom dog enclosure using Critterfence 1100

by | Friday, February 28, 2014 |

Thanks to Phil W. from Southern CA for the photos and comment. Phil has created an amazing enclosure for his pets, complete with a canopy. The mesh pictured is 5' x 100' Critterfence 1100. "As you'll see, your product definitely did the trick. My little dogs are now completely protected from the coyotes that roam the neighborhood hill behind our house, and I still have my fantastic view!" -Phil W....

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Laurie from PA Dog Fencing Wood Posts

by | Sunday, June 14, 2009 |

Thanks to Laurie W from PA for her photos and comment. Laurie used Critterfence 700 poly fence mesh:I have purchased your cat fence in the past and now that I have dogs, I have purchased the regular fence, but used my own posts. We LOVE the fence and it blends right in with the landscape! Thanks for the great product!! -Laurie W....

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