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Item #: 5x330 CLEARANCE
Weight: 33.00 lbs.
Availability: Out of Stock
Retail: $249.99
Price: $125.00
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    Critterfence 700 5 ft tall x 330 ft long

    ROUGH - CLEARANCE - Unfinished ends both ends - both ends have rough uneven cuts - 50% off with free shipping - Limited stock may sell out at any time

    Rolls of poly fencing material (not folded) 1 3/4" approximate square opening size

    Strong yet flexible, easy to work with

    Rounded strand tensile design

    UV protected with inhibitors for longevity

    Not sold in stores

    Matte black polypropylene

    Nearly invisible from a few feet away

    Corrosion proof

    Certified 650 pounds of breaking strength per square foot

    Critterfence 700 5 x 330

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