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Item #: clearance 610011
Weight: 8.00 lbs.
Availability: Out of Stock
Retail: $209.95
Price: $105.00
You Save: $104.95 (50.0%)

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     Price Each 


    50% OFF CLEARANCE 6 foot x 100 foot fence rolls, Critterfence 1100 1x1 

    One inch opening size 

    As new except both ends of this fence roll are unfinished. 

    Normally one end of the fence roll is unfinished and the other has a smooth top edge. These rolls have two unfinished edges - otherwise are the same. 

    Both ends are rough cut and may There are prickly burrs on each end.

    Also, each roll may vary in width by as much as 2" or more.  

    Note: clearance items are not returnable - while supplies last, stock will sell through and not be available after this

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