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    Include ground sleeves for each diagonal side brace?:

    Include two large ground sleeves for gate?:

    Driveway Gate Width:

    Include no-climb hardware?:

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    8' tall single leaf driveway gate with space for the gate to swing back and forth (8ft finished height) with hardware. Includes 2 1/2" support posts/frame with bracing.

    Note on gate width: the width selection is the approximate width of the gate including support posts, hardware and space. Please use this width as a guide rather than a rule. If you are working with a specific space please order the next gate width up and cut down the three vertical pieces to fit your space.

    Note on fence mesh: These gates are designed to use fence mesh included with our fence kits. There is no fencing shipped with these gates. For example, there are 50+ different kinds of Critterfence fencing; these gates are universal and work with any fence mesh.

    Note on no-climb hardware: This hardware is designed to work with our no-climb fence kits. You will need to use your existing fencing to attach to the no-climb gate extenders. If you choose this option, please be aware that your large gate can either:


    Have a permanent canopy across the

    top of your large gate entrance. Depending on the height of your gate, this

    means that if you wanted to drive a vehicle through the gate you would be

    driving under the canopy. It's not necessarily an issue but you will need to make

    sure you have clearance. The gate can swing either way (in or out) with this



    Have no-climb hardware that swings

    with the gate. This means that when you open or close the gate, the overhead

    no-climb hardware and canopy moves with the gate out of the way; overhead

    clearance is completely free. The disadvantage with this setup is that the gate

    can only swing in one direction, which is in towards the no-climb

    hardware. For example, if you have a fence installed to keep your cats in with

    the no-climb extenders pointed inwards to prevent cats from climbing out, this

    driveway gate can only open inwards in this configuration.

    Ground sleeves can also be added as an option instead of or in addition to concrete. Sleeves have a locking set screw to make these gates permanent or removable. Large ground sleeves are 30" long and require one large driving anvil (different from standard driving anvil used with smaller post sleeves that come with fence kits). One large anvil will work with a infinite number of large sleeves. Note: large driving anvils work with both large and small sleeves (as used in side braces).

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