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DOG FENCES For Dogs Of Any Age & Temperament

If you have a need to create an escape proof enclosure for your dogs and to keep other animals out, our Puppyfence dog fence kits and dog fences are for you.

Here's why:

  • Our dog fencing is strong but nearly invisible from a distance. It's designed to blend in with your existing landscape. Our fence systems are invisible by comparison.
  • Completely NON-ELECTRIC, no shock pet containment without any components to fail or chance of not working. No need to shock your dog with electric fence!
  • Compare the cost! Less expensive than conventional fencing, large areas can be fenced in at an affordable price. Most customers install our dog fence kits themselves or hire a local handyman. No specific skills or knowledge is needed.
  • Our dog fences are customizable. Choose the best strength, height, chew resistance and more for your project.
  • Professional dog fence installation is available. Need help? Let us plan and install what you need. Dog Fence Installation through our network of nationwide installers.
  • Made in the USA! Buy with confidence knowing your dog fence materials are made here with the highest quality in the United States. As professional installers of this type of fencing, these are the same materials we install for our customers. We stock and ship these same materials that we install, so you can construct a professional grade DIY fence for yourself.
  • We build and ship our products wholesale direct from 3 locations coast to coast. Most orders ship within 24 hours and arrive within 3 business days.
  • Renting? Need a temporary dog fence or portable dog fence? All of our dog fences can be installed permanently or made removable if needed. Use included galvanized locking sleeve spikes to make your fence permanent or removable. A good example might be setting up a fence when relatives visit with dogs and taking it down when they leave.
  • Need a complete dog enclosure? Take a look at our complete dog fences with four sides and a top.
  • Have a houdini dog that loves to climb? Try our anti-climb dog fence kits. These kits include angled extenders at the top of each post to prevent dogs from being able to climb up and over.
  • We are pet people committed to helping dogs live longer, happier lives. Dogs love to be outdoors, let them safely run free! Please compare then give us a call with questions, we're happy to help with your project.

DIY Puppy Fence And Adult Dog Fence

As dog owners we know that our canine friends have their own personalities just like people. Some dogs can be sneaky escape artists and some could care less about escaping your property. Our job is to help you create an enclosure so your dogs can run and play outdoors safely. Fencing in some puppies can be a big challenge compared to a fence for an adult dog. We feature kits and components of many different breaking strengths and opening sizes.

We are the largest company providing this specialty type of dog fencing and have been doing this longer than anyone. We offer professional grade do it yourself dog fence kits and materials designed to be installed by standard tools. Please compare then give us a call with questions, we're happy to explain how to get your project done.

Comparison: how are our dog fences different?

  • Most of our dog fence kits include fencing that's overlapped on top of the ground and pinned to the ground with ground stakes. This is very important for dogs because it covers changes in elevation and prevents your dogs from using their noses to push up under the fence to get out, or from digging to get out.
  • Most of our fencing is flexible. That's important because your dog can run into the fence full speed and bounce off the fence without getting hurt.
  • Because this fencing is flexible, you can install it on trees. That's important because when trees move and sway in wind, the fencing can move with the trees. It also blends very well into a tree line. It also spares you the extra expense of fence posts, hopefully giving you a greater area for your dogs to run free. If you decide to install on trees, consider using 8ga monofilament tension cable. It's also flexible like our fencing but adds extra structure.
  • Our fences can be made temporary or permanent, removable for storage.
  • We specialize in and only ship dog fencing mesh with 2" or smaller opening size. The smaller the opening size, the less leverage your dog is able to get with their jaws for chewing. Also, with small opening size fences, animals are less likely to get trapped or hung up in the fence itself. For example, google search "animals caught in fence".
  • Keeps wildlife out! These fences are engineered not only to keep animals like dogs in, but other wildlife like deer OUT. When you're able to exclude deer and other wildlife, you also exclude ticks and the hazardous diseases they carry. More information: dog fence tick control

Additional dog fence information can be found here: Dog Fence

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