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Why choose puppyfence?

If you have a need to create an escape proof enclosure for your dogs and to keep other animals off your property, Puppyfence is for you!

  1. Strong but virtually invisible from a distance, will disappear from 15 feet away. Blends in well with landscapes.

  2. NON-ELECTRIC, no shock pet containment without any components to fail or chance of not working.

  3. Cost! Less expensive than conventional fencing, large areas can be fenced in at an affordable price.

Puppyfence Info

As pet owners we know that our canine friends have their own personalities just like people. Some dogs can be sneaky escape artists and some could care less about escaping your property. Our job is to help you create an enclosure so your dogs can run and play outdoors safely.

We are the largest company installing this specialty type of dog fence material and have been doing this longer than anyone. We offer professional grade do it yourself dog fence kits and materials designed to be installed by standard tools. Please give us a call with questions we're happy to help with your project!

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